Erotic Massage
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about erotic massage in Sydney? Our Erotic Massage FAQ anticipates your questions, and invites you to submit your own, or any general feedback on this website.

Erotic Massage FAQ

Do I have to take all my clothes off?

If it is your first time in an adult massage parlour, or one you suspect to be one, then it is understandable that you are a bit nervous. If you are totally against the idea of a girl touching you intimately, get out of there! If you are a bit anxious, explain to the girl that it is your first time and that you don't know what to expect. If there is a language barrier, ask her to get the manager.

What happens in an erotic massage?

Initially, you will lie face down and the masseuse will provide a therapeutic massage of your back, arm, head neck and legs. If she is doing a proper job, her hands will 'accidently' stray into your groin, nudging your balls and teasing you just enough to get your mind wanting more. An experienced girl knows how to sustain this teasing long enough to get you highly aroused. This is what they call 'tackle tickle'.

She will then ask you to roll over, and will proceed to massage your chest, arms and legs, and then start teasing you again with light brushes against your balls and penis. At some point she may ask if you want her to take her clothes off, this will typically cost $40 - $50 more and may include a B2B (body to body) rub where she rubs her naked body over yours. She may have asked this question before she turns you over, or it may come right at the start. An expert will have seductively whispered the question in your ear immediately before asking you to roll over. It is a strong (or penniless) man who will say "no" at this point!

She will then take your penis and stroke it until you ejaculate, ideally including some ball action as well. Feel free to ask her to do it as you require - slowly, quickly, just the tip or long strokes from the base - it's your orgasm so don't be afraid to take control and ask for what you want.


What if it takes too long to cum?

The girls are usually understanding of difficulty in ejaculation, and genuinely want to finish you off. If you are having trouble, they may have to ask you to extend another 15 or 30 minutes so they can restart the build-up and get you over the line, or you may step in yourself.

Do I have to have sex after an erotic massage?

No. In fact most massage parlours do NOT want the girls offering sex because it is against their business operating licences. In any case, nobody EVER has to have sex against their will, if they feel uncomfortable, or if they are not 100% into it. And nobody should ever force another party into sex.

Will I get a sexually transmitted disease from a hand job from a masseuse?

Probably not, but if the masseuse is touching her own genitals, there IS the risk of transmission if she is infected. If you are concerned, you are entitled to ask her to stop and wash her hands, and for her to cease the self-pleasuring. This is not however very common.

How do I know which massage parlours are reputable?

As a rule, the shops that are proud of their facilities and their staff have nothing to hide, so their online advertising will include photos of their shop and photos of their masseuses IN the shop. (It is reasonable of course to anonymise the staff for their privacy). If both of these are missing, they may be trying to disguise all sorts of things that may discourage you; small cramped rooms, tacky decorations unchanged since the 80s or unattractive staff.

Can I trust online reviews?

Yes, some of them, but many are fake, either raving about how great it is, or ranting about how the girl cut the time short and gave him herpes. Use your judgement to assess the writing for sincerity - extremes of emotion are often a sign of an agenda! Ignore the 5 star and 1 star and read the middle.

What do I do if the masseuse clearly doesn't know what she is doing?

Don't put up with a substandard service then go slag them off on a review site. Firstly, advise the masseuse that the treatment is unsatisfactory and ask her whether she wants to get the manager to replace her, or if she wants to provide a better massage. If she chooses the latter but still demonstrates a lack of skill, then advise her to have the manager come so you can explain the situation. Usually, the manager will do the right thing and make sure you receive a more capable therapist.

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